Saturday, March 07, 2009

Fashion 2009 - Meat Jewells - Photos


We call it tripe the ruminant animals (the horned cattle) four part the muscular, fleshy wall of his complex stomach.


The chicken heart not only cheap and delicate, but if it is one of the most efficient and muscle working most better, so most high-quality meat, and not to feel on him possibly yet the nourished chickens feather/the smack of fish.


Fallacy, that from the salt the chicken liver will be hard. We may salt it at the time of baking calmly, the secret that we should not bake it too for a long time!

Köszönet a fotókért: Somogyvári Bálint
Köszönet: Szilágyi Fanni

Fashion 2009 - Meat Jewells - Citylight

Fashion 2009 - Meat Jewells - Broshure

Fashion 2009 - Meat Jewells - Scale-modell